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URS Classic Console Strip Pro - VST-RTAS v1.0

By Xamaxingho
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30 Selectable Input Stage Algorithms
60 Selectable Channel Compressor/ Limiter starting points - Pre or Post EQ
5 Selectable EQ Algorithms for each Fully Sweepable Parametric band
Channel Filters - Pre or Post Compressor or Sidechainable
Powerful De-esser and other included special effects
Interactive Signal Flow Display Section follows the signal path
Super DSP efficient URS Classic Console Strip version included
The URS Classic Console Strip Pro is our ultimate multi console in the box channel strip solution. You the engineer create your dream console choosing your favorite algorithms from the Input Stage, Compressor and EQ selections.
Hands on Four Vintage Recording Consoles, Program EQs and Racks of Outboard Compressors digitally recreated in a single plug-in! The URS Classic Console Strip Pro is a revolutionary new way of combining classic sounds into one unified channel strip. This modern concept allows the engineer to create hundreds of custom console starting points from the almost never ending palette of input stages, compressor/limiter and EQ choices all with near zero latency and full 48 bit Double Precision Processing.
Listen to what we believe is the most versatile and best sounding classic console strip that was never made before!
From the moment you put the URS Classic Console Strip Pro input stages in circuit you will hear the difference! Selectable Input Stage Algorithms digitally recreate the sound and characteristics of classic input stages to add warmth. The Input Stage Intensity control adjusts the Input Stage affect from 0-200%. Thirty (30) input stages are presently included:
Three Class A American input transformers
Class A British input transformer
Class A German input transformer
Two Class A tube input stages
15ips 2" tape electronics/head bump
30ips 2" tape electronics/head bump
30ips 1/2" tape electronics/head bump
Fifteen input transformer & tape combos
Five Console Input/Summing Buss stages A Digital transparent Input stage is also provided which adds no colorization, harmonics and/or saturation.
In your face Interactive Signal Flow Button Display No confusion here! The signal flow button display section shows the signal path of Compressor, Filters and EQ sections. The labeling of the buttons updates automatically as per the status of the Compressor and Filters section Pre/Post switches. In addition, each signal flow button acts as a bypass for the section it represents.
Independent Compressor, Filters and EQ sections The Compressor, Filters and EQ sections are totally independent of each other featuring separate In/Out switching via the Signal Flow Button Display. The Compressor section is selectable between Pre/Post the EQ section. The Filters section is selectable Pre/Post /Sidechain the Compressor section.
Compressor/Limiter section features a custom designed versatile channel compressor that can match the sound and characteristics of Diode Bridge, VCA, Fet, Opto, Tube and Tape compression.
The compressor starting points are based on the most prized compressors limiters in recording studio history, The URS Classic Console Strip Pro features 14 classic console compressor/limiter models and 46 outboard compressor/limiter models.
The compressor starting points simultaneously change the input stage algorithms to suit the compressor preset.
The Compressor features fully adjustable Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, Release and Gain Makeup. Adjustable from soft to aggressive!
Presently 60 Compressor presets are included:
Two 1967 Americian Channel Comp presets
Five 1970 British Channel Comp presets
Two 1970 British Channel Limiter presets
Five 1980 British VCA Channel Comp presets
Five Fet presets
Four Opto presets
Room Mic preset
Four Stress presets
Five Tape Compression presets
Twelve Tube Compression presets
Seven American VCA presets
Two Very-New presets
Three Class A Buss Comp presets
Three URS Classic Console Strip presets Filters/Side chain section can be assigned either Pre/Post Compressor or as the Compressor's Side chain. Using the Side chain feature can fine tune how narrow or "Broad Band" the Compressor will affect the program material. Both Filters completely overlap to dial in problem frequencies. The Listen Key is after the Internal/ External Side Chain Filters section. The Listen Key allows you to monitor the signal being sent to the Gain Reduction detection circuit.
Presently 6 Side chain presets are included
Six Classic VCA De-esser presets
Two Drum VCA Ducker presets
British Talkback Mic Preset
Telephone preset Brand New EQ Algorithims The URS Strip Pro features all new EQ Algorithim technolgy. The digitally recreated Analog EQs represent the cutting edge in EQ modeling.
EQ section digitally recreates the sound of four different analog consoles plus a Vintage Tube program EQ. All bands features fully sweepable frequency and "Q" bandwidth selection, The Mid range bands overlap over four octaves of frequency selection. The LF and HF EQ Bands are selectable Peak or Shelving. Each EQ band presently selects from either:
1951 Program EQ - Tube
1967 Console EQ - American 4 Band
1970 Console EQ - British 3 band Class A
1972 Console EQ - British 4 band Class A/B
1980 Console EQ - British 4 Band Room to grow The URS Classic Console Strip Pro’s unified GUI allows room to add more Input Stages, Compressor and EQ algorithms as they are developed.
High Res 48 bit "Double Precision" processing The URS Strip TDM version features Hi Resolution 48-bit TDM and URS Classic Console Strip Native features 64-bit "Double Precision" processing for increased clarity and headroom with unparalleled gain reduction. Hi Resolution "Double Precision" processing helps to avoid internal clipping in the Digital Domain.
Two Plug-ins included The URS Strip Pro includes the super DSP efficient URS Strip version. We call the URS Classic Console Strip the "Easy Eight". The URS Classic Console Strip's eight knobs map perfectly to the Command 8, Digi002, ProjectMix I/O, ProControl, HUI and other popular controllers allowing for quick adjustments on individual tracks. The eight knobs map to Page table 1 and all other functions map to Page table 2.

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